Glamping Capo Sperone


  • A luxury mini glamping, 5 wooden platforms with geodesic domes, private outdoor veranda with table, chairs, deck chairs, shading
  • a play ground for children
  • a common wooden house
  • a beautiful garden with flowers and plants all around, in a wonderful location on the hill overlooking the sea

The geodesic domes (domes in short), are a safe, original and innovative housing solution, igloo shaped, with a large transparent crystal to admire the surrounding countryside and the sea to the south, the sky and the stars at night. For the few, not for all: only 5 selected places for families or friends, two of which with two geodesic domes, a large one and a smaller one, the latter put up especially for children’s amusement . The large dome is for 4 people, the small one for 2 more people, so that allowing privacy and relaxation. The equipped outdoor veranda is just good to enjoy the scents of the garden, the sun and the breeze that in Sardinia never fails, even on the hottest days. The domes are called “Princesa”, “Sally”, “Franziska”, “Suzanne” and “Marinella”, do these names tell you anything? Yes, they are the song titles of an Italian songwriter / poet, Fabrizio de Andrè, of Genoese origins (like us), fascinated by Sardinia, where he lived for a long time. The wooden house is a common space for everyone, in which you’ll find a kitchen with a hob and oven, a professional Lavazza coffee machine, a microwave, a toaster, pots and everything else you may need for cooking, a table and stools, a washing machine.

iscrizione elenco regionale operatori agrituristici della Sardegna n. 866