Our farm

Our farm, located on the hill overlooking the sea to the south, spreads over approximately 6 hectares, and enjoys a mild climate all year round, but rather dry and sometimes windy. We therefore cultivate compatible and arid-resistant species, especially herbs and medicinal plants, with extraordinary properties: rosmarinus officinalis, lavender stoechas, aloe vera barbadensis miller (also excellent for sunburn), calendula, olive trees and prickly pear, vegetable sponges (louffa).

We use only natural methods, we do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, believing in the harmony that regulates the life of vegetable world. For this reason we do not eradicate any existing wild plant, but we use a  “leopard spot” sort of cultivation, which leaves intact, within the Mediterranean scrub, the species already present of wild olive, dwarf palm, lentisk, phillyrea. Our vegetable garden is therefore more than organic … just try it!