Sant’Antioco for you

We are in Sant’Antioco, a charming island located off the southwestern coast of Sardinia, Italy. It is connected to the mainland by a causeway, making it easily accessible. It is completely surrounded by the sea, renowned for its crystal-clear waters, the ideal location for snorkeling and diving, with its richness in marine life and biodiversity. You can admire coves and bays, each with its own unique characteristics, from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs. The calm and clear waters make the sea around Sant’Antioco suitable for various water activities. Visitors can engage in kayaking, paddleboarding, and boating to explore the coastline and nearby islets. In such a diverse landscape, sea all around and a mix of Mediterranean vegetation, you can enjoy spectacular sunsets. The island is home to a variety of plant and animal species, contributing to its ecological diversity. Nature enthusiasts can explore the natural beauty of the island through hiking trails by foot, MTB, horse, or ATV. When visiting Sant’Antioco, exploring local markets and restaurants is a great way to experience the island’s gastronomy. The emphasis on fresh, local ingredients and traditional recipes makes dining in Sant’Antioco a delightful and authentic experience for food enthusiasts. Sant’Antioco is an ideal destination for those looking to relax sunbathing on beautiful beaches with clear and transparent waters, explore the rich history of the region, and enjoy the unique culture of Sardinia. The island’s combination of natural beauty, archaeological wonders, and welcoming atmosphere makes it a special place to visit.

While not as crowded as some other tourist destinations in Italy, Sant’Antioco attracts visitors seeking a peaceful and authentic experience.

Book safely with peace of mind: you can find us on Booking, Airbnb, Expedia and other OTAs, but by booking directly from our site, WE OFFER YOU THE BEST PRICE GUARANTEED. If you find a more advantageous offer on some OTA, we will refund you the difference!

Our glamping (a term that combines “glamorous” and “camping”) involves luxurious and comfortable accommodations, blending the beauty of outdoor life and adventure with natural wonder and comfort, while enjoying upscale amenities, activities and experiences beyond the traditional ones, i.e. guided nature walks, stargazing sessions, sea activities. We are in a really scenic location: the sea is just in front of us, with the small islands of Arcipelago Sulcitano, the beauty of the surrounding landscapes enhances the overall experience.

We can offer for your staying the geodesic domes (also called bubbles), which are a unique and unconventional housing experience, with an innovative design and various benefits:

  • Geodesic domes are spherical structures famous for their design, strength, stability, and efficient use of materials.
  • They are romantic, intriguing, adventurous and comfortable, with panoramic views: you can peek at the sea from your bed. They offer privacy and intimacy.
  • The nature surrounding them forms a harmonious relationship, creating a unique and immersive living experience, a peaceful retreat in a way that traditional structures might not provide.
  • They feature large windows, allowing for abundant natural light. The curvature of the structure can provide panoramic views of the surroundings. Their optimal exposure to sunlight throughout the day, contributes to a bright and inviting living space.
  • And at night… in this intimate and cozy atmosphere, you can live a truly magical and immersive experience, you really can connect to the cosmos. It turns stargazing into a comfortable and immersive activity, allowing you to appreciate the wonders of the night sky in a one-of-a-kind setting.

We also have B&B accommodations, the right choice for travelers seeking affordability, romantic getaways, more intimate and personalized feel, attentive service, a homely atmosphere, and a great gourmet breakfast. They also are an opportunity to connect with the local culture and community, for an authentic travel experience.

We are inclusive!

We are actively committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive and respectful environment for all our guests, regardless of race, religion, physical or cognitive condition or diversity, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Let us know your needs, for example in the preparation of beds, privacy or other: we will be happy to satisfy you, and happy to learn from your travel experiences. Your feedback is very important, we learn with you.

If you are a group, a sports, wellness, cultural, hobby, environmental, animal, recreational, or spiritual association, or if you want to organize an exclusive event, a team-building activity, or are looking for a venue for an intimate alternative wedding, our facility, together with its twin, Erbe Matte, can accommodate a significant number of couples or families. Pls reach us for information and quotes.

Furthermore, in our structure there is always at least one room or apartment suitable for disabled people: we care about them in a particular way; on the island of Sant’Antioco there are two beaches equipped for their needs. We would like to guarantee them accessibility that is not just architectural: we are committed to ensuring that even at an experiential level they can enjoy the same possibilities that the so-called “able-bodied” have, for example by raising awareness in the community so that it not only makes all the rooms accessible, but makes the experiences adapted, for example enjoy a boat ride.

Treat yourself to a corner of paradise: Sardinia as you’ve never seen it, wild, authentic, nature’s protagonist. Sea, beaches, cliffs, countryside, colors and scents, history and traditions. Sant’Antioco Island is all this and much more.

Vacation at sea or in the countryside? Why choose when you can get them all? Not only beaches, but unpolluted  nature and warm hospitality. New hit style, serenity, fun, activity and taste are our keywords. Feel pampered and at home in our relaxing atmosphere.

Within a 10-hectare estate, in a gentle hill rich in Mediterranean maquis overlooking the sea, here we are! It’s a lovely B&B inside a typical Mediterranean villa surrounded by a flower garden, and a new Glamping. Glamping means glamour + camping. Why give up the pleasures of camping and outdoor life or the comforts we are used to? Geodesic domes, the only ones in Sardinia, are charming tents that combine nature and comfort: from the cristal windows you can enjoy a gorgeous sea view towards the south, on the Gulf of Palmas , with the smaller islands of the Sulcis archipelago (besides, only Africa, with the sirocco wind you’ll feel like to smell  its scent), and at night you can admire bright stars in a sky untouched by light pollution.

If you are a lover of active tourism, going around with your preciouse sports equipment, we not only have a video monitored car park, you can also store everything inside the Glamping in safety.



RELAX: no matter how much you’ve been stressed at home. Here you can Just relax. We like the kind of people that get excited over the stars at night and that love nature at its best, wandering about something new, experiences, food and wines .

ENJOY OUR HOSPITALITY!  In our beautiful surroundings you’ll flourish! During the day sun and breeze, fun and adventure. Listen to the birds, jump in the sea, breath the clean air, take a nap, read, get a beautiful tan, watch the sunset, eat & drink, don’t forget to sing under the shower; at night, fresh air also in August (probably in the geodesic domes you’ll sleep with a light blanket) and a million bright stars, listening to the crickets. This way you can sleep well and soundly, dreaming of the next beautiful day awaiting for you.

FEEL AT HOME: we are here to help you and make your stay more enjoable and unfogettable. Just ask, we’ll not let you down.

FEEL FREE: live without a watch, how can that be possible? Just give a try! Once you live without peeking over a calendar everyday, you’ll be used to mental freedom. Stress’ll go away. Wake up when you want, eat when you’re hungry and do what you really want to …