Sea and beaches

For your sea vacation:

If you want to go to the best beaches on Sant’Antioco island, we are in the perfect location to reach the right one, sheltered from the day’s wind

the best sandy beaches, well equipped and child-friendly on Sant’Antioco island

  • Maladroxia (white and fine sand, cradled by a shallow blue sea, equipped beach, child-friendly, free parking or low parking fees)
  • Coaquaddus (white and fine sand, cradled by a shallow blue sea, equipped beach, child-friendly, free parking or low parking fees)
  • Cala Sapone (sand and flat rocks, equipped beach, free parking or low parking fees, great sunsets)
  • Cala Lunga (white fine sand, shallow sea, flanked by cliffs, also child-friendly)
  • Portixeddu (for all)
  • Spiaggia Grande (sand shallow sea, well equipped and child-friendl beachy, low parking fees)
  • Le Saline (sand and shallow sea, child-friendly beach, low parking fees)
  • Sottotorre (for all, difficult parking, for it’s so close to Calasetta fishing village)

The nicest & less crowded inlets and coves, on Sant’Antioco island

  • Capo Sperone (south cliff, so many small beaches and inlets, flat rocks)
  • Sa Cipudditta (rocks and beautiful sea colours)
  • Cala della Signora (flat rocks and natural sea pools)
  • Cala della Signorina (rocks and clear water)
  • Cala Grotta (a nice cliff-rock jumping spot)
  • Is Praneddas (also called Arco dei Baci -kisses bridge-, a rock bridge on the sea, so romantic)
  • Turri and Torre Cannai (on the south coast, Caribbean water)
  • Peonia Rosa (pebble beach)
  • Porto Sciusciau, with the enchanting cave by the sea“Grotta delle Sirene”(lonely pebble beach, you get there only by boat or by foot)
  • The smaller islands of the Sulcis archipelago, Vacca, Vitello and Toro (the latter famous for diving and fishing): obviously they can be reached by sea, renting a rubber boat by yourself or renting a trip by boat in one of the daily cruises performed by local fishermen.

If you want to go a bit farther, staying in Sulcis Iglesiente territory, however within a radius of max 30/45 minutes driving from here

• Fontanamare, Plagemesu and Porto Paglia beaches in Gonnesa (big ones, but exposed to the mistral wind)

• Cala Domestica (a long inlet with a lovely, white sandy beach) and San Nicolò a Buggerru

• Portixeddu a Buggerru ( great charm)

• Masua (exposed to the mistral, with Pan di Zucchero Faraglioni in front of you, one of the most photographed spot)

• Is Solinas in Masainas (sand dunes and wild nature)

• Porto Pino (exposed to sirocco, equipped beach, child-friendly)

• Is Arenas Biancas (open only in the summer season, it is a true spectacle of nature, white sandy beach, clear shallow sea, dunes behind, you have to walk a bit from the parking lot)

• Tuerredda (very romantic), Porto Tramatzu, Cala Zafferano and Cala Piombo near Capo Teulada

f you want to visit San Pietro Island, take the ferry to Carloforte from Calasetta (20 minutes away, then you can rent bikes and mtb on the spot to explore surroundings), or you can go on cruise, departing from the port of Sant’Antioco or Calasetta and going around the island by sail or fishermen boat or engine (daily, from morning to evening, wind permitting and under previous reservation).

• Cala Guidi (white sand beach)

• Cala Vinagra (facing north, to be visited with calm sea)

• Cala Fico (a deep rocky inlet, so romantic)

• La Bobba (white sand beach)

• La Caletta (white sand beach)

• Girin (white sand beach)

• must-to-see Capo Sandalo, with the lighthouse of the same name, panoramic point on the cliff, seat of the Lipu, loved by birdwatchers, and kingdom of the Queen’s falcon)