The best experiences

Experiences we can suggest:

  • Relax and sunbathing on the beaches: Sant’Antioco Island boasts beautiful beaches and secret inlets with crystal-clear waters
  • Explore the natural beauty of Sant’Antioco by biking, taking nature walks, or birdwatching. The island offers various trails with panoramic views, especially in areas like Capo Sperone. A gorgeous and still wild nature just out of your door is awaiting you, you can go by foot, bicycle, horse, ATV, with guided tours, with your family or alone.
  • Visit Semaforo di Capo Sperone: it’s a special place, our heart’s place, less than 1 mile away from us, easily accessible, on the top of the hill, offering an exciting panorama of the Gulf of Palmas, from Capo Teulada to the Island of San Pietro. It combines the charm of the ruins (once a nuraghe, then a Monastery for monks, then a military site) with the breathtaking sea view.
  • Take a boat tour: a different perspective from the sea to discover hidden coves, sea caves and scenic spots, with sailing ships, boats for fishing tourism, dinghies for hire or with a skipper, sailing around Sant’Antioco and San Pietro islands, reaching by sea Toro and Vacca islets.
  • Water sports: engage in water activities such as snorkeling and diving, the clear waters around the Island can show you the underwater world. Enjoy the wind and the sea surfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking.
  • Explore the ruins of the Nuragic site of Grutti Acqua, 2 miles away from us: wander the ancient paths of 5,000 years ago, trace the water routes that fueled the development of Nuragic civilization, listen to the tales and legends, and venture to the Nuragic pond and secret caves.
  • Head towards the Giant’s Tomb, near the Grutti Acqua site. Marvel at the natural sculptures carved by wind and sea in the rocks, uncover the mysteries of a bygone era. Here, even the pathways whisper stories to those who know how to listen.
  • Visit the archaeological sites in Sant’Antioco, learn about the Island’s rich history and ancient civilizations. The archaeological Museum, the Tophet and the Catacombs are only examples.
  • Visit San Pietro Island: only 3 miles away, a 20-minute ferry ride takes you to another world of ancient strong tradition. It is a fascinating destination to discover the legacy of the Genoese Republic in the Mediterranean, where you can find that the Genoese influence has left an indelible mark on the local culture and way of life.
  • Attend local festivals: check the local events calendar for any festivals or events taking place during your visit. Sant’Antioco hosts various cultural and religious festivals that showcase the island’s traditions.
  • Don’t forget to try gastronomic delights: indulge in the local Sardinian cuisine. Visit traditional restaurants and try bottarga, seafood specialties such as red tuna fish, local pasta and cookies, wines and myrtle liquor.

Enjoy our hospitality and all the comforts: we are here to make your holiday memorable. For this reason, we offer you a series of services: we can get you to the beach of the day or the secret cove; for you the agreement for the rental of sunbeds and deckchairs on a blue flag beach; we can give tips about recommend restaurants and local events, the extraordinary activities that this island offers, we tell you where you can go shopping or have an aperitif. You also have the possibility of cooking, and in this case you may enjoy:

SMART SHOPPING: Conad supermarket delivers your groceries directly here, and a restaurant brings you the menu you desire, all ready to go. Our garden ensures fresh organic vegetables for you, and the weekly market allows you to dive into a world of flavors, scents, and colors.

When the vibes are just right, we invite you to relax and indulge, dedicate to your well-being by taking advantage of the evocative atmosphere of our glamping and our B&B: enjoy every single moment of a regenerating holiday in harmony with nature! We’ll take care of the rest.

A day cruise with Sardinia Sailing Unmissable, board the elegant Schatzli II sailing ship, with the charm of wood and vintage boats, modern comforts, and absolutely safe in navigation, with more than thirty years of experience with the skipper Matteo. If you’ve never “got on board”, this is a great occasion you won’t regret. You will sail around the islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro, following the wind and dropping anchor in the most beautiful coves for a refreshing swim and snorkeling, enjoying fantastic landscapes (from the sea the perspective is entirely different), admiring the dolphins (with a bit of luck), the sunset and breathing in the sea breeze. To not speak of the delicious meals on board cooked with fresh, top-quality local products … With particular attention to the environment too: completely plastic-free boat tour! Top experience, nothing is more comfortable and authentic at the same time. Sardinia Sailing also offers the possibility of embarking on a beautiful and very comfortable open motorboat: bathroom, awnings for shade and large cushions, for short half-day excursions, events, sport fishing, photography, etc… Be conquered by the blu sea!For more info please get in touch with us on the website

Carolina Ranch is a guarantee of fun and new, fantastic experiences to be enjoyed along the coasts of the beautiful island of Sant’Antioco.

 Horse riding is designed for any level of riding experience, also for those approaching this wonderful world for the first time, with the help of a cheerful and professional guide, set off on a scenic ride along the coast, with fantastic sea and countryside views. The magic of sunset on horseback is an unforgettable and romantic emotion even for couples, but don’t worry about taking pictures: the guide will capture the most special moments for you, for some wonderful memories.

Pony school entertains children, leading them to discover nature and these docile animals, in a safe space: having fun with other children, they will develop team spirit, coordination, and balance.

Quad biking adventure, with such untouched nature surrounding you, on this still wild island you can discover hidden paths, and beauty spots even some locals don’t know exist, an adrenaline-pumping emotion with the help and safety of an experienced guide. For couples and groups of friends, a must not to be missed.

Stargazing evenings, the opportunity to join astronomers for the perfect stargazing experience, in the nights free from light pollution: with the help of competent and professionally equipped astronomers (which means expert and amazing commentary), stargazing the celestial vault. The events take place after a walk to an archaeological site and a cheerful pizza party. Suitable for everyone, families welcome. Pls, be sure to book well in advance.

For more info please get in touch with us on the website 

Water sport at its best at Windsurfing Club Sa Barra! Not only windsurf and kitesurf,
but wingfoil (the newest and the more exciting way to fly on the sea). Lessons for
beginners and experienced, enjoy these amazing sports with your family and friends, in
this beautiful panoramic environment, blessed with strong winds for 300 days in a year.
You’ll have the great benefit of learning the tricks from the best instructors, like a
professional windsurfer for many years, and one of the best International freestylers,
Gigi Madeddu. You can also rent all the equipment you may need.
For more info please get in touch with us on the website