• Sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, ideal for families, for swimming and relaxing; secrets inlets , with turquoise waters and rugged landscape, providing a more secluded atmosphere for romantic hideouts
  • Active tourism: hiking and biking exploring the natural beauty of the charming biking trails offering panoramic views of the Island, riding a horse, from stunning coastal areas to interior trails, or getting an adrenalin adventure by ATV; windsurfing, kitesurfing, boating: the island’s windy conditions make it a great spot for wind and sea activities. Kite, surf, horse, pony, diving, and sail schools are available for beginners.
  • Nature and wildlife: birdwatching in Stagno of Sant’Antioco, a great spot, home to diverse bird species, among them the stunning flamingoes.
  • History and Culture: visit the archaeological sites, including the Catacombs under Sant’Antioco Basilica, a significant religious site, the Phoenician Tophet, the Ferruccio Barreca archaeological museum, the Bisso museum, the only one in the Mediterranean Sea, to explore the Island’s rich history.
  • Boat tours: visit the nearby San Pietro Island, known for its beaches and marine life, by sailing or boating around, and visit the city of Carloforte. Some tours offer snorkeling opportunities.
  • Gastronomy: not only seafood delicacies (try Sardinian specialties like bottarga (cured fish roe), and fresh seafood dishes with fregola) but roasted suckling pig, a culinary traditional specialty to be booked in advance, local sweets and desserts, a rich heritage (sebadas, pardulas, honey, Sardinian nougat) for “sweet tooth”. Visit local wineries to taste Sardinian wines, such as Carignano del Sulcis.
  • Sant’Antioco festival and Events: if you visit 15 days after Easter, don’t miss the Feast of Sant’Antioco, the island’s patron saint, featuring religious processions, cultural events and lively celebrations. Also on the 1st of August.
  • Enjoy a sunset: along the West coast, the sun sets over the Mediterranean, a breathtaking and romantic activity, bring your camera along: beautiful shots in sight for your memorable moments.

Above all, we invite you to relax and dedicate yourself to your well-being, taking advantage of the charming atmosphere of our glamping and our B&B: enjoy every single moment of a rejuvenating vacation in harmony with nature!

Enjoy your time on Sant’Antioco Island!


  • Sailing courses for all ages
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling courses with certification
  • Off-road excursions on old shepherd trails and along the coasts
  • Off-road excursions for spinning fishing
  • Island tour by sailboat
  • Island tour by inflatable boat, for rent, or with a driver
  • Fishing tourism
  • Wellness: holistic treatments, yoga classes, meditation, massages, dance, mindfulness
  • Savoring our vegetables from the organic garden
  • Harvesting and course on plant essence extraction, dyeing fibers with dyeing herbs, soap making
  • Local cooking class
  • Naturalistic, archaeological, and bird-watching excursions
  • Horseback riding and quad excursions (also for beginners): ponies for children starting from 3 years old
  • Windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), kayaking, and canoeing for experts and courses for all ages to approach these sports
  • Cycling, mountain biking, e-biking, and children’s courses
  • Olive harvesting festival and oil tasting
  • Painting, sculpture, theater, and music
  • Spirituality, with religious festivals dedicated to Sant’Antioco
  • Traditional craftsmanship in all its facets
  • Routes suitable for Enduro motorcycles and road motorcycles


We love for your vacation to be easy and simple: new, deep experiences and emotions, the discovery of places, customs and cultures, sustainable and responsible travel. Live intensely your vacation in Sant’Antioco, a pearl still hidden in the Mediterranean Sea, which summons all the wonders that Sardinia can offer.









Gorgeous nature and history. Art and culture, culinary excellence, but above all a wonderful, wild natural environment to be enjoyed at least for six months a year, with a warm temperate Mediterranean climate. Is it spring? An explosion of colors and enchanting scents, green is all around you. The mild temperatures allow long walks, and the first swim on the beautiful beaches still not packed. The days get longer and so the chance to discover a still unspoiled nature increases. Is it summer? The blue of sea and sky blends, with the white sand beaches and the colors from the ocher to the brown of the cliffs, always a bit of breeze to mitigate the higher temperatures. Is it autumn? A more change (and chance): the Mediterranean scrub is always green and again with the first rains the flowers enrich the landscape, with the colors of the sea becoming more intense, the turquoise turns blue and the sun sets the clouds on fire at sunset. Also autumn is a season suitable for sports lovers, the sea is still warm and the temperature pleasant to do any type of outdoor activity.

Choose the right place or beach for the type of vacation you want: what are your favorite activities? Here you can choose among lots of them… Swim, snorkeling, diving, canoeying and kajak, windsurfi, kitesurf, trekking, bike and mtb, horseriding …. Whatever you want, you’ll find here. 

And here we are, with the right accomodation solution, designed for natural living.

What do you want?